Bryan’s has sold hundreds of kitchen set over the years, truckloads of other home renovations materials, flooring and hot tubs etc.  Plus, we also have some amazing equipment, vehicles and trailers get sold through our auctions.  

If you have purchased something through Bryan’s, we’d love to hear about it, and see your pictures.  If you send us a note, we may even post them on our website so you can brag to the whole world about your project!!

What do folks say about Bryan’s Home and Renovation Auctions??

  • It was cold but the auction was fun. Great opportunity to get items at good prices!  Iain R.
  • I thought the sale was great, I would recommend this Auction to others. Cindy B.
  • Service was great, will be back again. Donald K.
  • Love cabinets, great quality. Was here to watch and ended up buying. Dayle P.
  • Sale was exciting and will be back soon. Well organized. Edward N.
  • I had so much fun winning my kitchen that I hugged the auctioneers !! ?? We’ll be back for more ! S.D. [ed note; the auctioneers would like to thank you for making their month]
  • It was my first time here and I bought a kitchen!! I left very happy! Thanks. Janice T.
  • Great sale. Enjoyed again! Beulah L.
  • The sale was my first one! The deals were great! The staff was great! Keep it up. Peter G.
  • Second time here. Came back to get the handles for the doors we bought last time.

Our Equipment Auctions have similar comments:

  • Always a great experience. Great people to deal with. Cliff from Milton
  • Good Auction. Good friendly people. Victor from Hamilton
  • Think the auctions are great for Home Reno and Equipment  Staff very friendly and helpful. Christian from Burlington