Bryan's Online Ringman Now Available

What is it?

An opportunity for customers who are unable to bid during our Timed Online Only Auctions to contact Bryan’s and have a staff member bid on their behalf.

How it works:

A Bryan’s Staff member will record all of the required personal information for the bid to be placed.

You will then need to give a list of each lot you would like to place a bid on, as well as your maximum price for each lot (Your prices will remain confidential and only be used for the lots you have specified).

An “Up To” bid will be placed on each item for the maximum price provided. This will allow the computer to place an auto bid on your item, up to but not exceeding your specified maximum price.

Once the auction is complete a Bryan’s staff member will contact you regarding any lots you were the winning bidder for.

*Please note, you will only be contacted for items you have won, you will not be contacted if you have been outbid, or were not successful in securing your requested items.

Required Information:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Driver’s License (if bidding on a vehicle or trailer)
  • List of Lots
  • Maximum Price/Lot

Give the office a call at (519) 837-0710 for more details

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