Bryan’s can help you sell your surplus equipment.  We have several options available, depending on the item and circumstance, and can tailor an arrangement to fit your particular situation to maximize your net financial return.  We can place items in a consignment auction from our yard, retail consignment, offer a trade in, or sell in a timed online auction right from your yard.

Municipal, Industrial, and Construction Equipment Consignment Auctions

You own it, we sell it!  We can arrange transportation of your equipment to our yard, provide promotion and advertising of your equipment, then provide a professional venue to auction your items for the highest price. Our long history of equipment auctions is well-known and well-respected to draw a great crowd to our auctions.  Equipment in our auctions is sold live in our yard, as well as online to a global audience simultaneously.  Auctions are held throughout the year; please contact us to discuss which upcoming auction would be best for your equipment.

Timed Online Auctions
Bryan’s offers timed online auctions. These are auctions held only online, with a specific start and end times.  Sell your equipment from our yard or yours!  No need to wait for a live auction.  Timed Online Auctions offer great convenience and control of your items, access to a global selling market, and the reputation of the Bryan’s Auction name.  Sell any type of asset including machinery, vehicles, tools, or other property.

Home Renovation and Building Materials Auctions
Our Home Renovation and Building Materials Auctions have all types of new materials for homes, including doors, windows, flooring, fixtures, furnishings, and much more. If you have material appropriate for the Home Renovation and Building Materials Auction, be sure to contact us.


If you have an item or items you would like to consign in one of Bryan’s auctions please give us a call at 519-837-0710 and ask for the Operations Manager, fill out the form below, or email Ron Coyne at  A Consignor contract will be sent to you with all of the terms and details for the auction you are interested in. 

Consign with Bryan's Auctions
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